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» Welcome to phpNet!
By: Dude @ 8:51 AM 11/19/2004
 icon Welcome to phpNet's home page At sourceforge! ^_^

phpNet is a light-weight flexible PHP forum based website software package that uses object-oriented programming and the MySQL database. It's purpose is to act as a fast (and free) alternative to other site management programs which are noticably slow or have everything but the kitchen sink.
  • Fast and secure with execution times averaging 0.2* seconds.
  • Automated installer script for easy set up.
  • Unlimited categories and forums, all with configurable permissions.
  • Full Administrator Control Panel for managing the forum and its users.
  • Full support for output "skinning".
  • Default image set looks clean on all background colors (no white edges).
  • Board index collapses to forum view when there in only one forum, meaning less overhead.
* Execution time was calculated on a 400Mhz Pentium 2 box with 320mb SDRAM under Windows NT 5.0

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